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Join me on my blog to read stories and poems from talented writers in Southern Ontario. If you are a writer in your spare time, or are wondering how to get your work recognized, send your stories and poems for a chance to be published. Stories up to 1500 words or so, poems up to 30 lines or eight stanzas.

Material is refreshed each Sunday which means the website will be under construction for an hour or so, so keep visiting us and send your stories and a short bio if you haven’t been published here before.

You will always retain your copyright and International submissions are welcome.

Bren Short

—Writing Competition is Closed—

Good luck to those who sent in an entry. Results will be announced soon.

Canada Day

With Canada Day just around the corner, send me your stories about what life in Canada means to you. Are you a Canadian, born here…or did you come to Canada as an immigrant? Is there anything that stands out in your experience that you would like to share? I will be featuring stories/poems about Canada in the month of July

Independence Day

Also, coming soon is American Independence Day or the 4th. of July. If you would like to share your experiences of life in America, being born there, or arriving as an immigrant. Send me your stories/poems for publication here.

Advertise your events

Do you have a book launch? Have you won a competition? Are you hosting a meeting or workshop, either in person or virtually? Do you want to get the information out? Send me the details for free exposure in my News and Events section.

Inspirational quotes

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions”…Albert Einstein

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