Must Reads – Tammy, T. P.

Tammy Tipler-Priolo

Photo by Tim Swaan on Unsplash

No Worries!

Tammy T.P.

Do nothing at all or do as you please, 

Now is the time to fight off the sneeze!   

Be lazy, be keen or clean in between,

Its all the same as I follow routine!

I paint, plus I write and garden with might.

Food on the table should not be a fight!

Catch-up on this and talk to your family,

Forget not my friends, as I write this quite madly!

The Spiritual Calling

The Spiritual Calling . . .

Tammy T.P.

Photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash

The poem of “If” has been sadly missed from keeping our heads all about us.

The chaos swirls round and around and around as we frantically get caught in the rush.

No one is immune to the strange techie tunes which envelope all of our beings,

We can no longer retrace, but instead let’s embrace calming energy even unseeing.

The battle’s begun, can we untangle what’s done if we focus on truly the needing?

Obtain what’s required not what we desire to stop the societal bleeding.

Reach for the stars, we can truly go far as we journey towards our true purpose,

All the others are tools, be weary of rules, all the hoarding and wasteful surplus.

Put away all devices which are causing our vices, they truly have caused such a stir,

Reducing all sorrow, our aim for tomorrow, such distractions can be such a blur.

Pick them up as we need them, tranquility says leave them with all of the rest of the tools,

Taking charge of our lives, is how we’ll survive, show them all that we are no fools.

Inner peace is a calling, no more time for such stalling let’s begin with mediation & prayer

The spirit elders are addressing our unique special blessings and encouraging all to declare,

Be thankful, be mindful, be kind and be fair, this is all so easy to share

And always remember the last thing to say as you thank all the guides in your wake,

Blessings to all, Namasta, Meegwetch and as well don’t forget an Amen!