Author: mbjshort

I am an aspiring author who loves to write and have published several short stories in magazines and newspapers. I have also written novels in various genres, excerpts from which you will see here frequently. I welcome other writers to contact me for the chance to publish their works and participate in competitions. I am also a member of the Wordsmiths group that meets in Alliston, Ontario and will share the spotlight with short stories and poems from my peers. You too can be one of my guest authors.

Short’s Shorts blog for Feb 27th

Hello Everyone,

Please join me this week for a heartfelt story about a young mother’s dilemma from Rober O’Meara, titled “A Breakup” followed by a poem from Angel van Breemen about technology and its impact on us, titled “Lost in an Isolated World”. Then a story from myself about marriage and divorce, bird style, titled “The Condo”. Finally two humorous micro-stories about children and their candidness (is that a word?) The first from Deb Rouleau, titled “The Mouths of Babes” and the second from me, titled “Seven Deadly Sins”

I hope you enjoy this week’s stories and may I remind you that I will be publishing every other week on Meantime, please send your stories either short or long to for the chance to be published, and don’t forget to send your comments for the authors.


Short’s Shorts blog for January 15th

Hello Everyone,

Please join me this week for a new selection of stories and poems. The first story is about addictions and regrets from the past, written by one of our most recent subscribers. ‘But not for me’ by Robert O’Meara. Then part one of a true story about a winter vacation, when four friends rented a condo down south for two weeks. ‘Florida in Winter’, written by myself. And don’t miss the conclusion next week. Our poem of the week is in the form of a conversation about the changing seasons and written by Angela van Breemen, titled ‘A Conversation I Heard Between Gaia and the Winds of Time’. Finally, a comedy from Mike Crompton, titled ‘Parenting’.

Send me your stories and poems for a chance to be published. Winter, Spring, Valentine’s, Romance. And I’m still looking for stories of 200 words or less. I send this as a challenge to all you writers out there.

And lastly, don’t forget to send me your comments on this week’s stories for the writers.


Short’s Shorts blog for January 7th, 2023

Hello everyone and Happy New Year,

I’m looking forward to a better year for all of us and I’m sure the chickens are breathing a sigh of relief right about now. With the hike in prices of chicken breasts, making it unrealistic for most of us to buy them, I’m sure that many chickens will live to see another sunrise.

The weather is cooperating, for now, lots of rain, but not much snow. But I maintain that the time for snow has passed. Christmas has come and gone. However, I am looking forward to St. Valentine’s Day in February. I’m a romantic at heart and apart from that, I love a reason to celebrate…something to anticipate. Send me your stories of heartbreak, unrequited love, holiday romance, wedding, etc. for a chance to be published.

I am joined this week by Teri-Lyn Smethurst and her story, titled “Comedy In Error”, about an unfortunate communication breakdown. Then a tale about superstition and how to blend it into your life, titled “A Midnight Discovery” by Dian Bowers. (Good wishes for a speedy recovery Dian).

Then Tammy Tipler-Priolo’s introspective, titled “I talk to myself”. Haven’t we all? (More good wishes for a speedy recovery Tammy) And then, the closing chapter of my Christmas story, titled “The Blessing”. Also, our local poet Mike Madill is featured on my home page, with his debut book of poems, titled “The Better Part of Some Time”.

Have a good week and don’t forget, your comments as always are appreciated.