Weekly Shorts

Poem of the Week…

Challenge: To write dialogue poetry

Let’s Get a Pet

By Brenda Short

Photo by Jopwell on Pexels.com


I think that we should get a pet
A guinea pig, or better yet
A dog, an English man’s best friend
Faithful and loving to the end
A loyal hound to care for us
And guard our home with little fuss

Now why would you suggest a pet
A dog at that. I’m quite upset
They bark and bite and make a mess
And it would cause me lots of stress
The hair they shed, the drool and such
The poop, the pee, it’s much too much

Oh, now you’re being most absurd
You haven’t listened to a word
I’ll train the dog and I’ll take care
You’ll never even know it’s there
I’ll walk the dog, pick up the poo
You wouldn’t have a thing to do

It’s not enough, you’ll soon forget
And I’ll be left to walk the pet
No dog I say. We’ll get a cat
I’ve made my mind up that is that
A little kitten, soft and cute
That cuddles, purrs and licks my foot

You’re kidding! what is wrong with you
If dogs are out, then cats are too
Cats stink of pee and smell of fish
You want to get a cat…you wish!
They shed hair too and that’s not all
They barf and cack their gross hair balls

Well, I can see it in your eyes
It seems there is no compromise
You want a dog, I want a cat
So, we’ll have neither, that is that
A baby would be much more fun
But messier than either one

Let’s not go there…just forget
I ever dared to mention…pet!

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