Weekly Shorts

Poem of the Week…

The Writer

by Mary Penner

Photo by Cup of Couple on Pexels.com
The Writer

Teardrops slowly flood the paper pooling like rain
The writer pauses, takes a new sheet, begins again

Will these words provoke, and create a stir inside
Revealing emotions, which continue to be denied

The writer contemplates the meaning he’ll convey
A burning desire to reveal himself can’t be delayed

Seeking newfound courage his words are put down
Page after page unfolding, turning life upside down

At long last completed, his letter is then ready to go
Knowing any response may come, or perhaps not so

The Letter

The letter drops from her trembling hands to the floor
Words stained by her teardrops to be read never more

The content is well etched within her heart and memory
Some words wished forgotten, others remain a mystery

Since receiving this letter, twenty years have passed by
I know life would be different she murmurs with a sigh

Had she known such deep feelings would remain so long
Would she reverse that decision she made when so young

Wonders why she lacked the courage to answer his letter
Now she is living with regrets, knowing he did love her

At the end of this day she will tell herself it was just fate
Eyes closed, the pills take effect, she whispers it’s too late


Well crafted. Poetry should evoke emotons and this one makes me feel sad…Brenda S.