Monthly Shorts

Poem of the Month…

The Organic Gardener

by Guest Poet Angie Rose-Carnegie

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I’ve become an organic gardener.
I watch my neighbours in woe.
Chemically fertilizing their soil,
Polluting the environment so.

The mulch I placed ‘round my seedlings
With the dampness started to rot.
The weeds continued to flourish
And the slugs just loved the spot!

The slugs were devouring my garden!
They showed no preference at all.
At the rate that they were eating
There’d be nothing to harvest come fall.

Armed with organic deterrents---
“The Best” ----the articles said.
I sprinkled the ashes and egg shells
Certain soon that the slugs would be dead.

It didn’t deter their munching—
Except from eating the weeds.
Instead of bodies bloated from hunger
They were bloated from vegetable feeds!

Still determined I wouldn’t use poisons
I put out dishes with beer.
With intentions of drowning the culprits
Hoping to end doubting “friends” jeers.

When early next morn’ I inspected
Not a drop of beer did I see.
Drunken slugs were all over the garden.
My “friends” are still laughing at me!