Week of December 13th

Hello everyone,

This week, the blog has a decidedly Christmas theme, Send us a picture of your decorated house, either inside or outside and a message for your family and friends and I will put it on the home page. There are some there already. Take a look. Also, if you send a picture of your ugly or cute Christmas sweater or t-shirt, you could win a $25 gift card.

You will find details of this and the first semi-annual writing competition, on the News and Current Events page. The writing competition is open now and closes mid-January, with multiple cash prizes.


6 thoughts on “Week of December 13th

  1. Hi there;

    Imagine you may have next week’s stories selected, but I have just completed a memoir story that I am sending along. It’s just under 900 words.

    I just sent it to my Christopher with a couple of pictures – the first family picture in the recovery room, and a picture of his birthday parties in 1985 and 1986.

    I loved your story about “Noel and Sherlock”!




  2. What a sweet, heart-warming story by Isolde Ryan. Really tugged at the heart-strings. Thanks for sharing the beauty of Christmas!


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