Week of February 1st

Hello everyone,
Sorry, this is a little late, but there has been a lot happening on the blog. 

This week’s contributors are:
Mary Penner with part two of The Spy Thriller, her winning story in the SSAC writing competition of last year.

Angela van Breemen with her poem Milkweed Dreams

Patricia Burnett with her poem In Memory

And finally, in the audio section, my own story, What If…

Check it out

We will have the results of the Valentine Poem competition by the end of the week and I will post the results on writingblog.ca

Not sure if I sent this already, but the 1st Semi-Annual Writing Competition winners are:
1st place – Angela van Breemen with Seaweed Dreams $50

2nd place – Angie Rose-Carnegie with The Year Dad Built Our Christmas Tree $25

3rd place – Angie Rose-Carnegie with Fishing in the Dark $15
Thanks to everyone who took part.  Stay tuned, I will be featuring the stories over the next few weeks.

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