April 24th, 2022 blog

Hello everyone,

This week’s blog features a delightful Spring story by Dian Bowers, titled ‘Happy is the Face Hidden in Plain Sight”, also chapter 2 of the murder mystery story ‘Sally Tango’ by Angie Rose-Carnegie, a Spring poem by myself, titled ‘The Hummingbird’ and a humorous story, written by Mike Crompton, titled ‘The Legend of the Haggis Bird’.  I swear he wrote that just for me…not!…lol. 

Please send happy thoughts and prayers to Chantelle.  Here’s hoping that she can join us either online or in-person as soon as maybe.  Get well soon.

Our Mother’s Day challenge is nearing the deadline for submissions.  Send your entry by midnight on April 30th for a chance to win $20. Why is your mother special? 


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