June 12th blog

Hello everyone,

Join me this week on writingblog.ca for a typical June story of Teddy Bears, titled “The Picnic” and the fourth chapter in our Story Chain – “Murder, murder, murder” This week’s chapter is penned by Erin Frey. The poem of the week is titled “Angela’s Tree”, written by Chantelle Carignan-Fieldhouse and dedicated to her friend Angela. Finally, a heartbreaking story of a child lost, but with a happy ending, titled “The Gold Medal” by Patricia Burnett. – Bren

Just a reminder that this is the final week to enter the semi-annual writing competition. Everyone has a story to tell about a certain vacation, good or bad. Send it to me for a chance to win $50. Details are on the News and Current Events page – https://writingblog.ca/news-current-events

Photo by Pexels

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