Blog for October 16th on

Hello everyone,

Join me for this week’s stories and poems on As it’s October now, the theme of the stories will be Halloween and all things spooky. This week’s story is titled “The Demon Drink” written by myself. Then, finally the last part of the Story Chain “Helen and Jim” that you’ve been waiting for, written by Tammi Tipler-Priolo. This is followed by a poem about a dream, triggered by reading too much poetry at bedtime, titled “Join Us” and written by me. Finally, another, humorous story written by Mike Crompton and titled, “Fire, Fire!”

I hope you enjoy these stories, but remember that the authors appreciate any comments that you send along. Also, I am dangerously low on material from all of the writers out there and am calling for submissions. Please send to

There is a competition open to everyone, worldwide. Write me a spooky story and send to me by October 26th for a chance to win cash and be published on my website…details are on the website


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