Blog for October 30th

Hello everyone,

Here are the top two stories in the Halloween writing competition for your enjoyment. More to follow next week. 1st place was awarded to Isolde Ryan for her story titled “Petro’s wand”, a chilling story about a young boy’s folly. Be sure to read her biography this month. 2nd place was awarded to Peter Pontsa for his clever plot about a real estate agent’s ingenuity, titled “Close Call”. Poem of the week by Mary Penner which makes you think about your life’s journey, titled “A Walk Through the Graveyard”, and finally, chapter two of our current story chain titled “Fresh and Forgotten” by Michelle Dinnick…the plot thickens.

Hope you enjoy the stories and don’t forget to send your comments for the authors. They are always appreciated.

Send me your stories and poems about Remembrance Day, November 11th. and remember those who died to give us freedom.

Do you have a story about pumpkins? I have a wonderful book full of pumpkin recipes that you can win for your story, with or without your favourite recipe. Check for details on


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