Short’s Shorts blog for November 13

Hello everyone,

Well, lots happening for writers around now. We have the ‘honourable mention’ story from the Halloween competition by Dian Bowers titled “The Willow Patch in the Shire”. For those of you who weren’t mentioned, the competition was very close indeed. Thank you for your stories, and try again with the most recent competition for an excellent cookbook. Details on the News and Current Events page on

Then there is the fourth and final chapter of the Story Chain titled “Fresh and Forgotten” written by Teri-Lyn Smethurst. You will not be disappointed, following the cliffhanger chapter by Chantelle last week. I am pleased to showcase a poem for Remembrance Day by Mike Crompton, sent in by his wife Pat. Mike was in the British airforce during WW2 and his poem titled “On and On and On” gives pause for thought. The last story is from a new author to my website, Robert O’Meara titled “School Days” and is about remembrances from his own school days. I for one can identify with it, as I was taught by ‘The Sisters of Mercy’ who were quite merciless and also carried a big stick like Robert’s teachers.

I will be launching a Christmas story challenge this week, as soon as the Pumpkin winner is announced. Stay tuned for details and have a wonderful week.


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