Short’s Shorts blog for Nov 20th

Hello everyone,

Welcome to a snowy day. Sit back with a cup of cocoa and enjoy this week’s stories. Firstly we have another adventure from my old couple Lovey and Lass, titled “The Visa Card”. Next is a story chain, chapter one by Dian Bowers titled “Wildfire”. Followed by the winner of the pumpkin cookbook, a poem by Angie Rose-Carnegie titled “Pumpkins and Squash”. And finally, another humorous story by Mike Crompton, titled “Being Confined”.

I hope you enjoy the stories and the poem. As usual, please send your comments for the authors.

We are heading into the Christmas season and as such, I am putting out a request for your Christmas stories and poems. Please send them to for the chance to be published next month.

Last year, some of you sent me your Christmas greetings with photos and a message. If you would like to send out greetings to your friends and family, now is the time to prepare. I will begin to post these the first week in December, also there will be a prize once again for the ugliest Christmas sweater. Send me your photos by December 17th to participate.


2 thoughts on “Short’s Shorts blog for Nov 20th

  1. Shared to my Facebook page. Let’s see how many new readers you get.

    See you on Wednesday.

    Angie ________________________________


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