Week of May 1st

Hello everyone,

I seem to be having trouble with the blog this week. Here it is again…

Join me on writingblog.ca to read this week’s selections. Contributors are Diane Hoondert with her ‘Spring Musings in Florida’, Dian Bowers with her poem ‘Found But Maybe Lost’, my own story ‘Mother’s Day’, and last but not least, episode 3 in the Chain Story – Sally Tango, this week’s chapter by Brandon Jones’. If you are following the story so far, the previous episodes can be found on the ‘Meet the Authors’ page, under Chain Stories.

Results from the Mother’s Day writing competition will be announced shortly and featured on the blog in the coming weeks. Thank you to all participants.


2 thoughts on “Week of May 1st

  1. This week and last week there was not an area to click to get into the blog. It is now necessary to copy/paste the URL into the browser. It is no problem for me (although not as convenient), but others less computer literate may have a problem.

    Angie ________________________________


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