Blog for week of May 16th

Hello Everyone,

This week showcases the final episode of Sally Tango, written by Mike Crompton, a poem by Peter Pontsa titled “My Mother, My Friend”, a story from Joyce Ernyes titled “A Mother’s Love” (factual account of a mother’s struggle to free her son from prison) and another story by Mary Penner titled “Happy Mother’s Day”, third place winner of the Mother’s Day writing competition.  Also, I’ve added details of a call for submissions on the News and Current Events page. You can find it all in


One thought on “Blog for week of May 16th

  1. Subject: A MOTHER’S LOVE by Joyce Eyrnes

    Thank you Joyce for bringing these circumstances to light for me and others. David was most tragically the victim of our Canadian legal system. No amount of money that he received as a settlement for wrongful conviction could undo the injustice that he suffered. As he died this weekend, your story was especially poignant.

    Diane Hoondert


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