Writing blog for week of July 24th

Hello everyone,

Please join me this week on writingblog.ca for the last episode of Deep Freeze, our popular story chain section. Remember that the previous chapters are saved in the archives section if you missed any of them.  Chapter 5 concludes the story and was written by Frank Castellano. We have a poem, beautifully written and illustrated by Angela van Breemen, titled “Into the Forest”. Also a story about conquering your fears and the comfort given by a therapy dog, written by Mary Penner and appropriately titled, “To the Rescue.” And to conclude, a twist on the Wordsmiths challenge ‘To Write a Story About a Stranger’ This is one of my offerings and is titled, “Stranger, Danger!”

The Writers appreciate any feedback on their stories. You can send via the story page, or by sending to me directly at brendashort@writingblog.ca

Also, please feel free to send me your stories and poems to brendashort@writingblog.ca and stay cool!


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