Blog for July 31st

Hello everyone,

Please join me this week for the latest stories and poems on Short’s Shorts. We begin with a confession from me about my early days as a devotee and my disillusionment with the way religions are delivered these days, titled “Bring Back the Latin.” We begin a new story chain with a four-author story titled, “The Dinner Party” and chapter one written by Joyce Ernyes. This is followed by a delightful poem of grandfather and grandchild by Dian Bower, titled “Hand and Nose Print”. And last, but not least, another of Mike Crompton’s witty stories, titled “Maths For the Aging”.

I am open for submissions at this point, so if you have a story or a poem that you would like to send me, please attach it to an email and address to and don’t forget to send you comments for the authors.


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