Blog for August 7th

Hello everyone,

Join me once again on for this week’s stories and poems. We Begin with a story of a little boy and his dog written by me, entitled “A Match Made in Heaven”. Followed by the second chapter of our current story chain “The Dinner Party” written by Mike Crompton. You can find chapter 1 in the archives, under Story Chains. Then a poem about teenage angst by Mary Penner, entitled “Redemption”. And lastly, another story about Lovey and Lass, my fiesty old couple, entitled “The Plate Stickers”. I hope you enjoy the stories and send comments to me for the authors.

Also, I am sending out another request for short stories. The reservoir is running low, so if you can find time in your busy summer schedules, please send me a story or two. Otherwise, I may have to publish only every other week. In case there is confusion, you don’t have to be a member of any writing group, or within a certain age group to be published here. I’m looking for amateur or semi-professional writing and poetry. Please consider sending your work to

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