Weekly Blog for August 28th

Hello everyone,

This week’s stories include the details of a childhood event recounted by me, titled “The Beach Monsters”, and a poem titled “The Birdbath” inspired by a long-forgotten piece of rusting metal that I revived recently. Then we begin again with the first chapter by Erin Frey in a new story chain, titled “Helen and Jim”. Our guest author this week is Mike Crompton with his tongue-in-cheek conspiracy theory about pandemics and alien participation, titled “Like the Genie In the Bottle”.

Also, this week features the first in my series of biographies. The subject for September is Mary Penner, writer, and poet. Read about Mary’s many talents and her interesting life so far in News and Current Events.

South Simcoe Arts Council will be launching its annual writing competition on September 1st. Stay tuned for details on this upcoming challenge.


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