Blog for the week of Sept 4th

Hello everyone,

Well, here we are in the month of September. Fall is about to begin…the most colourful time of year. Join me on for this week’s short stories, beginning with my timely story about an approaching forest fire, titled “The Great Fire of Bentley Falls”. Then we have chapter two of our current story chain, a nail-biter titled “Helen and Jim” and written by Mary Penner. If you missed chapter one by Erin Frey, it can be found in the Archives under Story Chains.

Then a humorous poem by Angie Rose Carnegie, trying to keep the world chemical free one slug at a time, titled “Tales of an Organic Gardener” and finally, a humorous history lesson about the Channel Islands off the coast of Britain, written by Mike Crompton and titled “What’s in a Name?” I learned a few things myself…


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