Short’s Shorts blog for January 22nd

Hello everyone,

Join me again this week for a story about traditions and overcoming obstacles titled “Sofia’s Tradition” by Angela van Breemen, complete with a snapshot of the finished article and the chef of the day, her husband Peter. See also the explanatory note. That’s followed by the poem of the week, “A Sister’s Lament” by Dian Bowers, a poem about friendship and loss. Then the conclusion of the vacation adventure, titled “Florida in Winter.” And, finally, a pandemic story about the trials of shopping, titled “Will I Be the Only One?” written by myself.

I’m looking for stories of up to 200 words, to be published soon. Please send your contributions to Also stories and poems for Valentine’s Day – could be 200 words or up to 1500 or so.

Please send your comments for the authors. and finally, because we haven’t had much snow yet, I’m sending you some for the enthusiasts.


2 thoughts on “Short’s Shorts blog for January 22nd

  1. I liked it better with your blog every 2 weeks….I actually got more time to read….LOL

    Now I will have to go back into the archives as this email got “left” behind ….why do I get so far behind when I have to go into the office? Oh!!! I think it was the snow removal. You see, my driveway is a double and fits at least 6 cars….and even with a small snow blower takes time and effort to clear. And then there is the back patio that I need to shovel clear (and the top of the hot tub) in order to soak and appease my sore muscles!!

    Angie ________________________________


  2. I can’t find them in Archives, except for the 2-part Florida Vacation (lovely memories!! LOL).

    Angie ________________________________


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