Blog for Short’s Shorts Jan 30th

Hello everyone,

Join me this week for an ‘electrifying’ warning about uncharitable urges, titled Electra and the Shrew” written by myself. Then a two-part poem about a letter and its reply by Mary Penner that tugs at the heartstrings, titled “The Writer”. This is followed by a longer story that I have divided into two chapters, the second chapter to follow next week. This is a story of two teenagers who became friends in adversity, titled “Lost and Found”, written by Robert O’Meara.

I am gathering stories of various word counts under 200 and hope to showcase them soon in small groups. The word counts range from stories up to 50 words, exactly 53 words, up to 100 words, and up to 200 words. Give it a try and send your results to me at

Don’t forget your romantic stories and poems. I’m featuring romance on this coming month for Valentine’s Day.


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