Short’s Shorts blog for May 7th

Hello everyone,

Well here we are again and it’s almost Mother’s Day. Now, if only the rain would stop, I could cut the grass. This week’s stories are as follows.

The first is about a twelve-year-old’s impatience, and learning to manipulate people. The story is called “Waiting…”, written by myself. The poem of the week is so appropriate for Mother’s Day next Sunday, written by Peter Pontsa, and titled “My Mother My Friend”. Then we have a story about the consequences of misbehaving in church by Deb Rouleau, titled “Lesson Learned” and some of us will relate. Finally, there are the micro-stories. The first is under 200 words and tells how being a hero can have lasting consequences, written by Robert O’Meara and titled “Railroad Uncle”. Then a 50-word story with a cringe-worthy ending by Michelle Dinnick, titled “The Waterpark”.

I’m sending you all a request for stories. Spring, Summer, vacation, weddings, etc. Please send your stories to

And another reminder for the Benefit Concert and Sock Hop, to be held on May 13th. For full details and to order tickets, go to The dance and silent auction is a fundraiser for the Parkinson Foundation.

Enjoy the rest of your week,


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