Short’s Shorts blog for April 23rd

Hello everyone,\

This week I have included a story, written three years ago when we were all unsure of what was happening in the world. These are my personal notes, titled “The Social Consequence of Covid 19” and may remind you of the worry and stress that we were all feeling. We’ve come a long way in three years, but it’s not done with us.

Then for a taste of Spring, a delightful poem from Mary Penner, titled “Life In Our Backyard”. Followed by a hilarious story from Mike Crompton, titled “Fire! Fire!” And finally, two micro stories. The first is from Robert O’Meara describing a moment of pause, during a sunset in the desert, titled “The Bedouin”, then another hilarious story by Deb Rouleau, titled “What Means This?”

Please send comments for the authors and I am sending out a request for stories, either short or long. If you would like to be published, send me your stories in Times New Roman, single-spaced 12 or 14 font.

There is an upcoming event that I want to remind you about; the fundraising dance for Parkinson’s research to be held on May 13th. All information is on my blog and tickets are now available.


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