Short’s Shorts blog for Feb 5th

Hello everyone,

We finally have a robin visiting and singing for a mate, a sure sign of Spring. I have some romantic reading for you this week, beginning with one of my own. “Only the lonely.” Then the conclusion of the two-chapter story about teenagers who help each other heal by Robert O’Meara, titled “Lost and Found”. A poem to make us ponder for a moment by Mary Penner, titled “True Love” and last but not least a weekend away from it all with a twist, by Dian Bowers, titled “Romance in the Snow”.

I have had a good response to my 50-word challenge and the stories sent include 50 words, 53 words, (who knew that was a thing?), 100 words, and 200 words. If you want to join in, send your micro-stories to I will begin publishing the stories this month. There are other websites where you can submit your stories and I will list them whenever possible – some offer competitions.

I am still open to submissions for February, the romance month. Please check for guidance on how to submit, listed on my home page.


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