Short’s Shorts blog for Feb 12th

Hello everyone,

Valentine’s Day approaches and I have a story of espionage, and intrigue for you with a hint of a blossoming romance, titled “True Love”. This is followed by a wonderful, romantic poem from Mike Crompton to his wife Pat, titled “Valentine’s Day”. Then Mary Penner takes us into the world of comedy with a story titled, “Comedians”.

Finally, I have two short, short stories for you. I promised you micro-stories and here they are…The first 50-word story will make you think, from Michelle Dinnick titled, “It is the sun, my son” and the second story, less than 200 words from Robert O’Meara, is an expose of another world with yet one more despot in charge, titled “Forbidden”.

Please keep sending your micro-stories. Once you get used to condensing your thought into so few words, you’ll realize how easy it is. And as always, send me your comments for the authors.

Do you have any stories about St. Patrick’s celebrations? Anything from wild pub nights, green beer, or leprechauns, to the man himself, St. Patrick. Send me your stories or poems for a chance to be published,

Happy Valentine’s Day! May you share it with the one you love.


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