Short’s Shorts blog for Feb 27th

Hello Everyone,

Please join me this week for a heartfelt story about a young mother’s dilemma from Rober O’Meara, titled “A Breakup” followed by a poem from Angel van Breemen about technology and its impact on us, titled “Lost in an Isolated World”. Then a story from myself about marriage and divorce, bird style, titled “The Condo”. Finally two humorous micro-stories about children and their candidness (is that a word?) The first from Deb Rouleau, titled “The Mouths of Babes” and the second from me, titled “Seven Deadly Sins”

I hope you enjoy this week’s stories and may I remind you that I will be publishing every other week on Meantime, please send your stories either short or long to for the chance to be published, and don’t forget to send your comments for the authors.


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