Short’s Shorts blog for Mar 26

Hello everyone,

Welcome to a bright, sunny day. This week’s contributions begin with a beautiful story about the life of “Jasper”, the siamese cat. Deb Rouleau has shared his life with us and it’s hard not to shed a tear. The poem of the week is a hilarious look at aging, titled “Growing Older” by Angie Carnegie. This is followed by a blast from the past, my memories from 1969, written in 2020 and titled “The Time Capsule”.

Finally, we have two micro stories…the first is from Michelle Dinnick with exactly 50 words, titled “A Life With Blank Pages”. The second is from Teri Lyn Smethurst with exactly 53 words, titled “Nonsense”.

If you have written a micro story, please send it to me at for a chance to be published. If you haven’t written one yet, try it…it’s fun!


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